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Cross & Hamilton Printers can provide your organisation with an easy and effective way to monitor print stock levels and streamline your purchasing function. 

Let me explain…
Using our boutique Print Management system we’ll help track, maintain, monitor and replenish your print materials and stationery supplies on a consistent and reliable basis so you never get ‘caught short’ or run out of stock again unless, of course, you intend to.
Other benefits to you:
• We can hold your printed stationery at our warehouse or your facility
• You save time because you know what you have in stock, which means you can plan better because you don’t have to wait on stock counts, reprinting or getting new quotes
• You save money too because you’re dealing with us (the manufacturer) direct and…
• We only print your stationery when you tell us to via phone and purchase orders
For more information about how our Print Management Service is benefiting other businesses and how it will benefit you, your printing budget and marketing efforts phone: 07 3865 6866 or email to for all the details.

The Cross & Hamilton Easy Order System gives your business your own print shop at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 Days A Week.

With Cross and Hamilton’s Online Easy Order Print ordering system you can order your marketing brochures, business cards, letterheads and all your stationery with the click of a mouse anytime day or night.
This powerful, secure and advanced online print ordering system is
• Easy to use
• Starts with a simple core application that we customise to suit your business
• Gives you the fastest access possible to previous and existing stationery materials and items you’ve printed before
• Comes with your own client code, username and password and
• Gives you the flexibility to order stock and create variable data all via the internet, which means …
Now you can do a reprint or send off an urgent print job and get it back quicker than you ever thought possible.
If you’re serious about your business success, your printed materials and your profit margins check out the demo now then contact us on: 07 3865 6866 or email us at for more details.